Process and Progress

Greetings from this little slice of St Croix's rainforest! It's been a while. Some things have changed over the past couple of years, some haven't. The road leading to Nidulari is adventure in and of itself. The food is still scrumptious, by all accounts; I'm just the cook, so who am I to say?... Continue Reading →

Composting in a chicken coop

Guess what I'm all excited about this weekend? No? Compost! Yep...humble old compost...or rather, that amazing thing without which you may as well forget about growing organic, sustainable gardens. My composting chicken coop has been active for about 8 months now, and is finally producing high-nutrient, perfect, wonderful, soft, odorless compost. Yes, this has taken... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the WWOOFing World!

For this exciting mid-week blog post, I would like to introduce our lovely WWOOF volunteer, Julie! She has generously written a guest post for Nidulari, to share with you her first experiences here on our homestead! I'd also like to remind all of my St Croix followers that this Saturday is a bake day, with... Continue Reading →

Pita patter

  As I sit, exhausted, after a hard day's work on the Nid, in the garden, digging holes or cutting trees, there's one thought that keeps me going and gives me the energy to keep up the same pace tomorrow, next week, next month. That is, that I'm sitting here eating my own eggs, on... Continue Reading →

So much to do

It's been such a busy, beautiful, productive week that I'm not even sure where to start! It was gorgeous and sunny for my brother's entire visit, and with his 6'4" of help I was able to make some admirable progress on the Nid. We're now all ready to put in a temporary loft floor to... Continue Reading →

Changing of the guard

In the building world it's been a slow week, as the rain gradually disperses and the mud starts to dry. However, I do have a couple of announcements to make! Firstly, for the love of god, place your bread orders for this Saturday as soon as you finish reading this. Last minute orders make me... Continue Reading →

Mothers in mayhem

It was a rainy week; we don't need to talk about that, do we? The ground is mush, nothing can be dug, laid, planted, or transported without being mired in huge clods of soil. Everything and everyone has been wet through at least a dozen times, and today it looked clear so we did laundry...that... Continue Reading →

In retrospect

Some weeks are rough; nothing goes right, nothing happens on schedule, the tools needed are missing or broken, the car doesn't start, and so on. Sometimes getting past these hurdles requires taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and counting the weeks since all these projects started. Or sometimes it just takes a major... Continue Reading →

Just another day in paradise

The question I get the asked most is not what I'd expect. People aren't too terribly shocked that I'm building my own house with my own hands...or that at the same time I'm baking bread weekly for as many people as are organized enough to place orders (hint, hint), or that I'm doing all of... Continue Reading →

Sleeping on the job

  I write this a few days late - it's Easter Sunday - but it's been a rough week and then I had to gear up to a busy weekend! Yesterday was not only my regular baking day, complete with having to do some last-minute repairs to the oven right before lighting it, but also... Continue Reading →

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