A Grand Entrance

Or should I refer to it as an exit? This week we've been having a thrilling experience, watching the hatching of the first of five Red Footed Tortoise eggs that I'd found and relocated back in February. These eggs were laid by our "herd" of four adult tortoises, kept as a preservation effort and to... Continue Reading →

Community Happenings

It always takes me a little longer than anticipated to catch up after being off-island - what with the lack of sleep, plants that are begging for water, pruning, re-potting, or mulching, house to clean, eggs to use up... A couple of weeks ago I asked people to submit photos of edible plants that they... Continue Reading →

Community Gardening

I'd like to make this post about you, my readers, my community. I write a lot about what I'm growing, what I'm planting, preparing beds for, harvesting, eating, and preserving. Perhaps I've inspired a few of you to grow something yourself, perhaps many of you were doing so long before I was even born. Do... Continue Reading →

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