Easter has come and gone, but my chickens didn't get the memo. As is only natural for chickens, with the long days of springtime they are laying more...and more...and more eggs! So, what can you do with eggs? I grew up in a mostly non-egg-eating household, and only came around to using them in anything... Continue Reading →

Powered Up!

I have a couple of pieces of news to share with you on this fine Saturday - should the power come back on and allow me to upload this post! I must invoke the spirits of WAPA... Firstly, I'm super excited to be going to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks! I've lived next... Continue Reading →

Garden Tour

I hope that you enjoyed the photos! Do stop by to visit and see what tasty things we have on Wednesday afternoon 2:30-6:30pm on Mahogany Road. If you can't make it out West, feel free to order your bread and eggs through the Prime Produce website - there's a link on our Produce page above... Continue Reading →

A year later…

I'd been meaning to do a "nostalgic" post on the one-year anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Nid, but of course I forgot all about it until now, a week or so after the date. Better late than never? So, more or less a year ago, I was in full swing, had just arrived back... Continue Reading →

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