Food for Thought


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about food, and the role it plays in my life; particularly as it pertains to Cyrus’s journey into the world of food as he approaches the 6-month mark. Once in a while I hear someone remark that they’d happily live on pills or “mush” if they could: they simply don’t care to partake of food on a daily basis. This makes me realize, in contrast, just how much food means to me. It is, indeed, the center of my world; not just because I run a food-based business, but because food is a major part of my life. I think about food. I think about what to cook, about the origins of what I plan to cook, about the flavors, the way they blend together, and most of all, the aromas of each dish. I often think about people, cultures, and countries in terms of the food they eat. About history; the evolutions of cultures based on the availability of food, and what people have chosen to do with what they have available. Indeed, we live in an amazing time, when food items from every nook and cranny of the world are at our fingertips. Wars have been fought and countries conquered over food products. Cultures have been assimilated, often ironically so, because of food. It’s difficult for me to imagine a life that does not have food as a central focus, for it is not only what nourishes the body, but also the imagination, creativity, curiosity… It’s an exercise in community, in culture, and in sharing. How could all of that be unimportant?


I’m sure there will be many faces pulled in this journey ahead, but to instill even a little of my passion for the edible wonders of our world, every mess, every face will be worth it. Running Nidulari, I also have the joy of sharing my wonder for food with all you who come to eat; I always hope that you’ll try something new!

May you have a wondrous holiday season, full of delicious food and friendly faces!

Please note that Nidulari will be closed for the week between Christmas and New Year. We’ll reopen Wednesday, January 2nd.


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