The drought continues. The clouds of dust scratch my throat, making it hard to breathe. An hour working outside is parching, yet inside is little cooler and just as dusty. I'm thankful to have a well, for it allows me to keep the garden somewhat alive, and to keep the pond full for the swarms... Continue Reading →

Rising and recycling

Here's a little rant - feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you're likely to be offended by a little feminism. So, as a woman, in a world of farming and construction, one is constantly faced with men assuming that one has no idea what one is doing or talking about. Now, I'm... Continue Reading →

The chicken, or the egg?

Ready for a chicken tale? If you keep chickens yourself, you'll be nodding your head already...if you're considering keeping chickens, well, keep positive, they are a great addition to a homestead or backyard and the eggs are delicious. Some days the chickens themselves look pretty damn tasty too... No, that's a pineapple, silly. Well, soon... Continue Reading →

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