Changing of the guard

In the building world it’s been a slow week, as the rain gradually disperses and the mud starts to dry. However, I do have a couple of announcements to make! Firstly, for the love of god, place your bread orders for this Saturday as soon as you finish reading this. Last minute orders make me panic! There will also be banana muffins and banana ketchup this week.

We’re getting closer to cucumbers…one day at a time.

Speaking of bread and orders, starting in a couple of weeks many of my products will be available through, in collaboration with Ridge to Reef farm. If you are not familiar with Locally Grown, it is a program that provides an online “shop” where you may place orders for local produce and products directly from the farmers and craftspeople, which are then harvested or made for you, and brought to a single location for pick up. This is a good way to buy locally without having to drive all over the island to purchase your fresh local products from each individual farm stand. As Locally Grown only takes a small percentage of each sale this is also good for us (the farmers etc) as it gives us greater exposure at a much lower cost than selling through a shop or restaurant. So, go check them out, and keep an eye out for my products over there, hopefully by May 25th! Pick up is on Wed afternoons, 3:30-5:30, in the courtyard behind Polly’s in Frederiksted.

We have some busy weeks ahead. On Saturday my brother arrives for a week to check up on us and make sure we’re not doing anything too outrageous! Hopefully we’ll find time to take him hiking, to the beach, maybe sailing – a week is never long enough to do everything that gets planned. Next Saturday our very first WWOOFer (world wide opportunities on organic farms) arrives! On that Monday the 2nd one flies in. They’ll be helping to manage the fruit trees, vegetable garden, and general maintenance, and also helping to do some clearing and establish expanded vegetable plots. They will also get to help out on various building projects, learn about the baking, etc. It should be fun, and will be a learning experience for all!

We spent a day pressure washing the kitchen/verandah of the main house, and the cottage inside and out in preparation for our influx of inhabitants. In this humid climate everything grows moss in a matter of months!

I have sourced some laying hens, and will get to see them next week, so with any luck my next post will announce some new, clucking, residents of Little La Grange. Mandy seems a little skeptical of chicken-keeping, but I am looking forward to the fresh eggs and weed-control!

That’s it for this week – don’t forget to place your orders on the Products page and to check out Locally Grown. Cheers!

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  1. FYI the Locally Grown Market on Wednesdays has several stalls of all kinds of goods for sale that don’t need to be pre-ordered, coffee, candles, soap, cakes, vegetables…

  2. This is so exciting. I’m on a bread ban right now but if I was in STX I’d order your bread and feed some people or something. Enjoy your brother’s visit and I hope you get to do everything you plan to do.

    1. Thanks, Safa, it’s been a great week so far! I hope that your bread ban is over by the time you come down to st Croix!

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