Process and Progress

Greetings from this little slice of St Croix's rainforest! It's been a while. Some things have changed over the past couple of years, some haven't. The road leading to Nidulari is adventure in and of itself. The food is still scrumptious, by all accounts; I'm just the cook, so who am I to say?... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about food, and the role it plays in my life; particularly as it pertains to Cyrus’s journey into the world of food as he approaches the 6-month mark. Once in a while I hear someone remark that they’d happily live on pills or “mush” if they could: they simply... Continue Reading →

September 2018

        We are coming up on the one-year anniversary of the hurricanes Irma and Maria, which devastated the USVI, BVI, and Puerto Rico. So much has happened since then, yet there is still so much to be done. Broken tree limbs still dangle precariously above pothole stricken roads, traffic lights still hang... Continue Reading →

Maria Maria

In a world that has been governed, since early September, by the powers of two category 5 hurricanes it seems only appropriate to finally put pen to paper on this day; the official end of 2017's hurricane season. That's not to say that another hurricane this year is impossible...but I really think we've had enough... Continue Reading →

A Culinary Journey

It's been great to see so many new faces at Nidulari lately! With new faces come plenty of questions of how Nidulari came to be, how I ended up living this life in the forest, and particularly, how did I learn to cook all this amazing food? Last week I found myself in a very... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017

A few weeks ago, June 1st, marked the official first day of hurricane season. This is how we mark the passage of seasons, in a place that's warm all year round, where the days of summer aren't so much longer than those of winter. The seasons are punctuated with dread and anticipation of the possibility... Continue Reading →

Spring 2017

I am many moons behind in my writing...again. How to even recap all that has happened in three months? If I shared every experience, every challenge, every achievement, every setback, I'd be writing a book. Yet I find myself writing in a more contemplative manner; personal, political, and social notes that may never be read,... Continue Reading →

January 2017

Insulated though we are here in the Virgin Islands, as a US territory, the political turmoil of the mainland has taken a toll on each and every one of us, on our friendships, on our trust in one another, and on our beliefs that the future will be better than the past; that we will... Continue Reading →

November 2016

There's a difference between ending and finishing. What in our lives is ever truly finished? Chocolate and wine; not much else. Knowing when it is time to end something, however, requires a certain amount of wisdom, foresight, and decisiveness. You've seen people stuck in a job, relationship, or project for much longer than they ought,... Continue Reading →

October 2016

The world never rests. The US is going insane over election month, reducing the media to a circus of slander and tall tales, blotting out all real news. People seem to be losing all sense of decency and moral integrity as they hurl insults at one another, publicly and privately. We are reminded daily what a... Continue Reading →

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