It's been a busy and fulfilling week, despite the ravenous swarms of mosquitoes and some rather soggy weather! Much progress has been made on both ceiling and floor, as we creep closer and closer to my move-in date. The ceiling just has a couple of little holes to patch in the upper part of the... Continue Reading →

Bats in the Belfry

It's been a scrumptious day of marmalade-making, with bubbling pots of citrus-bay-rum-leaf distillations and extractions in the background as I figure out just how to use some 5 gallons of bay leaf! The marmalade is simply delicious: our home-grown sour oranges sliced thin and boiled to a thick jam, with just a hint of wintry... Continue Reading →

Life and death: tail of a farm

So, it's been a bad chicken week. Zozo caught and killed one of the chicks–the rooster–on the same day that I found the big red hen wandering around dragging one leg, after being missing overnight. Nothing could be done about the rooster, beyond Zozo being shunned by society for a while. The hen is now... Continue Reading →

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