Singing in the rain

I'm not even sure where to start. It's been another soggy week in this land of trees and weeds and mud, but we've yet to be swept away into the ocean! Despite the rain, I was able to do a little more plastering on the Nid, a little more planting, and my Wednesday baking. Can... Continue Reading →

Chicks in the rain

The sun is finally out! This isn't something that usually causes me to rejoice, yet this week has been so very wet that I'm glad for a chance to dry laundry, sweep and dig away the mud that has washed indoors, and collect up some wood to stack in a sheltered place. The 4+" of... Continue Reading →

What in the world

It's been a challenging and sad week in the news - I keep finding myself going to the weather forecast whenever I'm online in order to escape the bitterness. It seems as though people everywhere are picking fights, finding faults, and creating great bitterness and tragedy for themselves and others. Why can't we all put... Continue Reading →

Empty nest

Today we said goodbye to two of our best WWOOF volunteers, Landen and Miko, who have helped us to come so far with all the projects over the past weeks. With their help we have thinned an area of genip forest and planted what will ideally become a "food forest" area of very low maintenance,... Continue Reading →


I write to the howling wind and heavy rain of tropical storm Bertha. So far it looks as though she will pass us by, ravaging, instead, Ponce in Puerto Rico some 100 or so miles North of St Croix. Nonetheless, we are having 40 to 50 knot gusts coming through, and the drought has been... Continue Reading →

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