Just another day in paradise

The question I get the asked most is not what I'd expect. People aren't too terribly shocked that I'm building my own house with my own hands...or that at the same time I'm baking bread weekly for as many people as are organized enough to place orders (hint, hint), or that I'm doing all of... Continue Reading →

Sleeping on the job

  I write this a few days late - it's Easter Sunday - but it's been a rough week and then I had to gear up to a busy weekend! Yesterday was not only my regular baking day, complete with having to do some last-minute repairs to the oven right before lighting it, but also... Continue Reading →

Rock, rock, and more rock

The Great Wall of China...some 5,000 miles...well that's not quite what we've built this week. However, at the start of the week it did feel like a project of that proportion, with ridiculous quantities of material to be hauled up the hill by hand: rocks, sand, cement, wood, and one's own body, weary from 5... Continue Reading →

Nidulari Sourdough!

It's true! Nidulari Sourdough Bread production is up and running on a weekly basis, having had an extremely successful first run last weekend! These weekly "bake sales" are helping to fund the Nidulari Tiny House project, and will give an outlet to other surplus from the property: fruit, vegetables, decorative flowers, and other baked goods.... Continue Reading →

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