It's a hot, breezy Sunday afternoon, and the power is out yet again.Were it not, I'd still be wrestling a door (and frame) into a not-quite-large-enough-opening in my beautiful...ok...ugly but serviceable...container. Instead, I get to watch the ducks grow, listen to the chickens having their afternoon gossip, and provide a comfortable napping surface for two... Continue Reading →

Morning, Noon, and Night

  AKA "Compost, Quacks, and Purrs". So, I was just up hoeing over some garden beds; remember those hugelkultur experiments we were making with our WWOOF volunteers two summers ago? Well, the first one, we've been using steadily ever since we built it, replanting as needed with season-appropriate veggies, mostly mustard, bokchoy, arugula, and lettuce,... Continue Reading →

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