Rock, rock, and more rock

The Great Wall of China...some 5,000 miles...well that's not quite what we've built this week. However, at the start of the week it did feel like a project of that proportion, with ridiculous quantities of material to be hauled up the hill by hand: rocks, sand, cement, wood, and one's own body, weary from 5... Continue Reading →

Nidulari Sourdough!

It's true! Nidulari Sourdough Bread production is up and running on a weekly basis, having had an extremely successful first run last weekend! These weekly "bake sales" are helping to fund the Nidulari Tiny House project, and will give an outlet to other surplus from the property: fruit, vegetables, decorative flowers, and other baked goods.... Continue Reading →


It's been another exciting week here at the Nid building site! As of last weekend I'd only just started to dig the trench for the foundation, and by now I am already starting to lay up the wall from the base layer of (very large) stones. Sand and cement is being acquired - my first... Continue Reading →

Rainbows and Roundness

It's been less than two weeks since I came "home" to St Croix, and much has already been accomplished. I have found a building site for my tiny house, cleared said site, and now re-filled the clearing with a huge mess of branches ensnared in a variety of vines which had to be trimmed from... Continue Reading →

We’ve arrived!

 It was a journey. 34 hours. BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport) was not the best place to have to wait 8 hours while the temperature rose enough to where Zada could fly. Miami, however, was great, and extremely canine-friendly - lucky, since we had to spend a whole 16 hours there! But finally, finally, we made... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Baltimore, Hello, St Croix

It's just a couple of days until I hit the ground on St Croix! This is an incredibly exciting time, after several months of plotting, planning, and (most of all) waiting. In between expelling the last unwanted items from my Baltimore apartment, I've been drawing out more detailed plans for the house, and continuing research... Continue Reading →

Painting the picture

So here's the end product of that recycled-grain bread. It was amazingly delicious with a tangy sourdough taste and a soft gentle texture. Meanwhile, I realized that I've yet to really talk about the property where my upcoming build and related projects will be happening. Oops, huh? Well my apologies, and I hope to clear... Continue Reading →

Snow day!

Baltimore is snowed in today; she doesn't want me to leave. Or for anyone to leave. It provides a  great chance to catch up on packing, paperwork, and cooking for the week. Left-over-grain bread is well on its way. That's bread made with left over cooked whole grains, in this case cooked barely, which is... Continue Reading →

Of Living, and Leaving

I shall ever remember Baltimore, the city where wigs lie in the gutter, disheveled as a small animal, discarded, forgotten. This thing, of momentary fashion, fad, beauty, torn away; what does it reveal beneath? Three weeks, and I shall be leaving. This new life, this different life, this very old life. Is the payment for... Continue Reading →

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