Merryn MacDonald started Nidulari in 2013, after deciding to move home to St Croix to build a low-impact “tiny house” and live a simple life tending the land and feeding the community.

Nidulari is now a licensed food business, feeding the community! A one-woman operation, specializing in bakery goods made by hand from simple, wholesome ingredients. Simplicity and wholesomeness are the basis for all Nidulari recipes, with the goal of feeding the community in a healthy, affordable fashion. The business principle behind Nidulari is not to make lots of money, but to build and service the community as a whole, whilst supporting a humble lifestyle.

Nidulari operates from a small homebuilt mobile sales van (inspired by the European gypsy vardos). All the culinary magic happens in a shipping container repurposed as a commercial kitchen, located in St Croix’s rainforest.

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  1. Wow, What a Lovely Home, You are a Brave Young Woman, Skilled, and Special. I am so Glad and Happy I had the chance to meet you. Lots Of Love, Eloise n Diana

    1. Thanks, Eloise! So nice to meet you while you were here! When you come next time you must swing by and see everything in person. Hope the rest of your trip was fun despite the rain!

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