Summer Days

Its hot as a furnace on St Croix, a heat that has been gradually building for weeks like some slow method of torture. Usually there would be rain storms coming through in the afternoons, giving some respite from the tepid air, yet so far those have been few and far between this summer. As we... Continue Reading →

The bubble, the brew, the cheese!

The week is over. At last. Two [destroyed] flat tires later, two trips to the vet (some $400) with the discovery that my dog Zada, companion of seven years, is critically ill with Lymes Disease and two other tick-bourne illnesses. She will be ok, after 21 days of antibiotics, and we are hoping that there... Continue Reading →

Frivolous Flora

  Yes, another week has come and gone here at Nidulari. The bamboo on the Nid walls has reached the top at the front, and has made great progress at the back. Beds have been dug, things have been planted - cacao, okra, amaranth, pidgin peas, and moringa. We've continued thinning out bush for our... Continue Reading →

The prize behind the pizza

So, I just baked pizza for 20-odd people. The "best pizza on St Croix" according to at least one of our guests. For some reason I made enough dough for 32 10" pizzas? No worries, it shall be turned into tasty sweet rolls for brunch tomorrow before Mango Melee. Back to pizza. Well, I've decided... Continue Reading →

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