Market Day

You can't beat my writing spot today. Sitting in the pallet swing, suspended by a giant Saman tree with a view of my tiny house, a solar-powered pond pump gently burbling to my left, surrounded by herb-garden circles and mounds that I've been gradually creating. It's a breezy afternoon with clouds scudding across the intensely... Continue Reading →

Basket Case

The annual St Croix Ag Fair happened this past weekend. I hadn't been in 7, maybe 8 years - since well before the closing of Hovensa (the island's oil refinery) and the consequent economic decline. I knew not to expect too much, for times are hard and there is little money for people to throw... Continue Reading →

Fresh Focaccia!

I'm once again falling behind on writing blog posts - sorry everyone! The Chikungunya makes it painful to type, and my to-do list keeps on getting away from me... Some major advances this week have been getting the Nid kitchen up and running, finishing the carving on the doors, and learning to graft trees! Not... Continue Reading →

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