Finding and feeding

This week Mandy and I had an epiphany of sorts. We're doing it all wrong! Well, some of "it" at least. Through a few lucky clicks on the interwebs, leading to a couple of tropical permaculture groups and sites, and then a few agroforestry sites, came the realization that we've been ignoring many tropical (even... Continue Reading →

Chaotic Chutneys

Will I ever get to write that I had a relaxed week? Maybe not, but my weeks are so much more exciting this way! It's another week for you foodies out there, though the Nid is also transforming at a rate of knots. It's been a fortnight of chutney making, as mango season is at... Continue Reading →

Post and Beam

It's been a challenging week here at Nidulari and Little La Grange Village. The premature and somewhat acrimonious departure of our first two WWOOF volunteers left a bad taste lingering for days, and has made us think deeply about the implications of being WWOOF hosts, and of how to end up with the right kind... Continue Reading →


So, who's into cocktails? Yes? If you know me, you probably already know that I can't resist messing around with recipes, be they for food or for beverages...particularly those of the alcoholic nature. I don't drink that much, but when I do mix a drink it's something interesting, unique, and above all, tasty. Last summer... Continue Reading →

Pita patter

  As I sit, exhausted, after a hard day's work on the Nid, in the garden, digging holes or cutting trees, there's one thought that keeps me going and gives me the energy to keep up the same pace tomorrow, next week, next month. That is, that I'm sitting here eating my own eggs, on... Continue Reading →

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