To a New Year

6am. The hens grumble and squawk as they begin to shift on their roosts, waking each other. Through the burlap-curtained window the sky pales, with a hint of coral above the hillside. A light breeze stirs the tree tops, and the coquís become silent as night fades away. Soon the morning mosquitoes will emerge, and... Continue Reading →

Solstice in St Croix

It's come around again, the winter solstice, the mid-winter feasting, a time of reminiscing and also of looking forward, to the days to come. A time of assessment, celebration, yet also determination to continue with the same vigour in the coming weeks and months, despite all exhaustion, setbacks, and distractions. Overall, it's been a great... Continue Reading →

Sir Edwin

Meet Edwin, our new four-legged family member! Edwin hails from the St Croix Animal Wellfare Center, our local Humane Society. He'd been there for 5 months, waiting for just the right home, and is a great pup. He's about 9 months old, loves dogs, people, and anything else that will give him food or attention!... Continue Reading →

First Light

Yesterday was the big day! On approximately the 1-year anniversary of the conception of the Nid and the Nidulari project in general, I spent my first night under the roof built with my own hands, had an ice-cold shower in a shower I plumbed myself, and even used the not-so-state-of-the-art composting toilet for the first... Continue Reading →

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