Solstice in St Croix

Cocoa dusted marshmallows.
Happy Solstice dogs going to the beach.

It’s come around again, the winter solstice, the mid-winter feasting, a time of reminiscing and also of looking forward, to the days to come. A time of assessment, celebration, yet also determination to continue with the same vigour in the coming weeks and months, despite all exhaustion, setbacks, and distractions. Overall, it’s been a great year. I found my way back to St Croix, mostly-built a house, started a business, and fell into a part-time job working for wonderful people who eagerly share their wealth of knowledge in all things growing.

Delicious caraway rye loaf.
Banana Ketchup! Come get some!
Edwin has a great game of dropping things down stairs.


For me, the “holidays” – which happen to include my birthday – are a time of great feasting and an excuse to cook things that might otherwise be deemed unacceptably unhelathy. Take home-made marshmallows. Coquito, a coconut milk-based Caribbean version of eggnog – equally fattening! Mince pies, a British necessity. Stollen, a sweet bread with candied peel and marzipan. So many things that we could not get through the “dark winter days” without! Last night it was a chilly 70º at our Solstice bonfire on the beach, quite unbearable without a mug of Coquito.

With that, I leave to to your merry mid-winter feasting. We will raise a glass to the near-completion of the Nid, and to all that everyone has accomplished this fine year.

Making marshmallows. Just gelatin, water, sugar, vanilla, and cocoa powder!

wpid-20141220_112518.jpg wpid-20141220_112544.jpg wpid-20141220_114318.jpg

Coquito made from hand grated, freshly pressed coconut milk, condensed milk, spices, vanilla, and rum. Oh so good!


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