Sir Edwin

wpid-20141213_135748.jpgMeet Edwin, our new four-legged family member! Edwin hails from the St Croix Animal Wellfare Center, our local Humane Society. He’d been there for 5 months, waiting for just the right home, and is a great pup. He’s about 9 months old, loves dogs, people, and anything else that will give him food or attention! This will be a learning curve for he and I both, as we navigate the stages of chewing, talking all night, car sickness, learning not to jump on people or steal food off the table…he has big pawprints to fill, for Zada was in most ways a very well-behaved dog.

Trying to decide between bones and belly rubs.
Decorations with new hangers.

Tomorrow will be the last bake day before Christmas, so don’t forget to order extra! Loaves of bread can be frozen whole or sliced and defrosted as needed; whole loaves can be warmed in a 350ºF oven for 15min to make them even more delectable. I just made a batch of Banana Ketchup, which is available in pints and half pints, so be sure to grab a jar of that or some marmalade along with your bread if you pick up your order at our house or at Cruzan Gardens.

My spoon is the biggest! Making Banana Ketchup.
Delicious Mesple fruit, trying to plant some!

Are you going to Art Thursday this week in Christiansted? Toni, of Queen CariBEE, and I will be at the Blue Mutt with samples of sourdough bread, marmalade, jams, jellies, and chutneys, along with select products for sale. The Blue Mutt is also holding their Cookie Exchange on the same night, so put your aprons on and participate in that!

Chicken coop made from recycled tin, recycled wood, etc – total cost of about $80 for chicken wire and 4 posts.
Happy hens.

It’s been a rainy week, and the chickens are safe and happy under their nice new roof! The Nid, well, that’s another matter entirely. Pending another attempt at waterproofing the cement roof, we’re back to the large sheet of builder’s plastic solution. I feel rather as though nothing will ever be dry again, having had most of my possessions – and myself – thoroughly soaked several nights ago. It will be made to work…just not this week.


We’re accepting sourdough bread orders until 7pm! Cheers!

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  1. Oh Merryn he is so sweet and so lucky he deserves a good home. He is searching for love, attention and the wonderful home you will provide. He has been caged for 5 mos and Who knows what his life was before that. You will teach him all he meds to know to be well behaved and you will do it with love.

    We will see you at Cruzan garden or Blue Mutt.

    Take care see you soon.

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