To a New Year

Winter Solstice

6am. The hens grumble and squawk as they begin to shift on their roosts, waking each other. Through the burlap-curtained window the sky pales, with a hint of coral above the hillside. A light breeze stirs the tree tops, and the coquís become silent as night fades away.

wpid-20141227_145002.jpgSoon the morning mosquitoes will emerge, and Edwin will awake; my cue to rise for an icy-cold shower. Then a hasty cup of coffee down in Mandy’s kitchen, whilst picking Zozo up for a walk down the avenue of vast mahogany trees that we call our road; potholes, broken-down vehicles, and all. So begins the day.

Framing and patterning the kitchen counter.

wpid-20141230_114601.jpgLittle of note has been accomplished over the holidays; a time of much food, many social gatherings, and more planning than doing. However, I had time to build the framing for my kitchen counter, purchase wood for the front doors, and..ummm…film chickens?

We now find ourselves free of WWOOF volunteers for the time being, and have decided to take a few months off from hosting in order to evaluate our projects and goals on the property in the coming year. While it is wonderful to be able to offer the opportunity of living and learning with us to those who wish to volunteer, it does take a great deal of time, energy, patience, and commitment for us as hosts. With the Nid almost finished, the land well under control, and no other “major” projects imminent, it seems like a good point at which to take some time for ourselves; to appreciate what we have, and to figure out what is most important to each of us in moving forward as a farm, artisan studio, and community.

A bumper crop of Soursop this year means that a 5gallon bucket of wine is in the making.

Having taken off the week of Christmas, Nidulari baking has commenced, with all three varieties of wood-fired artisan sourdough bread available. Keep an eye out for changes to the “menu” over the next month or so, as there may soon be a yeast-risen herb bread available! We still have a good supply of our renowned Banana Ketchup and our Slightly Spiced Bitter-Orange Marmalade – if you haven’t tried one or both yet you really must get some!

With that, I shall leave you til the New Year, with much cheer and many good wishes to all.

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  1. It was so wonderful meeting you yesterday! We have enjoyed the bread immensely and Daniel is cooking up the greens now with some polenta and tomato!! YUM! I would love to stay connected but could not find you on Facebook. Anyway I’m on there under Rachel Cargill Martin. My # is 253.230.2826. We really are visioning how to manifest living here part time. :) much love!

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