July Stand By

Miss Fluffycheeks…first chicken hatched at Nidulari.

Ever heard the old hurricane season saying?

June’s too soon,
July stand by,
August it must,
September remember,
October it’s over.

Well, this year the “standing by” isn’t just about waiting around for hurricanes (who have in recent years been breaking the rules, forming both early and late)…it’s also about waiting around for tradenames, licensing, inspections, and ultimately getting to use this shiny new kitchen! Can’t wait!

Henny Penny…an 8+ year old hen who still lays an egg every other day!

There is progress on the Tradename situation: my application is in, “Nidulari” is paid for, and I’m just waiting to get the certificate in the mail! As soon as that arrives, I can go down to the DLCA and (hopefully) get everything in order.

Breadnut sprouts. Some will be kept as breadnuts, some I’ll try to graft with breadfruit.

Meanwhile, there’s Mango Melee to prepare for (July 10th, mark your calendars), a little painting to be finished, and lots of landscaping to be done…trying to make the kitchen as minimal an eyesore as possible. Even in among the trees, it’s pretty difficult to hide a 40′ steel container!


Of course, even on my “day off” I can’t help but play around in the kitchen. A couple of weeks ago I had my first, less than successful, try at making bagels. Well, this weekend I took another crack at it…and those were some tasty, beautiful bagels; so much better than any found in a store (unless, maybe, you live in NYC). The moral of this, my friends, is not to give up after your first try at something. Perseverance really does pay off…(sometimes…not advocating beating a dead horse or anything here).


Zozo the chow has also learned that perseverance pays off; if you push hard and long enough at a gate it bends, breaks, or bounces open. When in doubt, just chew through the wooden bars. All this to “visit” the chickens…no harm, no “fowl”…yet.


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