June Jitters


It is summertime, through and through. Every week, another person seems to be saying their goodbyes for the summer; some forever. It is a quiet time of year socially and economically, a time for planning, starting projects, finishing projects, and of trying to glide through to the busier, more productive winter season.


As many of you know, this is a big year for me, during which I’m putting everything I have; physically, emotionally, and financially; into creating my new kitchen workspace so that I may expand my business into a full-time, self-sustaining, above-board venture where I may continue to follow my passion for cooking and creating delicious, healthy, local, natural food to go on both my table and yours. I could not have come even this far without all of your support and encouragement, especially those of you who stop by every week or place orders, both large and small, on a regular basis. You are what keeps bread on my table, and your steady patronage is what allows me to keep doing what I’m doing. So, thank you all!


Having said that–and many thanks to my friend and customer who recently pointed this out to me–in these summer months we all sometimes get a little lazy, be it about driving across island to pick up an order, or about getting around to shopping and cooking, or just about remembering that delicious, wholesome, locally produced food is but an email or phone call away! So let me remind you, food is here! If you’re West, I’m right here by you. If you’re East, I drive out to you every Thursday. If you’re in-between, I’m more than happy to deliver, especially if you can arrange to order in groups (maybe more than one person in your office would like something? Maybe a neighbour would like to be in on the order?) – just talk to me and I will make getting your order as easy as possible. If you’re doing frequent bulk orders for your business or office, I’ll even give you a discount! I can also ship certain items stateside! I know that we all tighten our belts each summer, but your steady patronage is what gets small businesses like mine through each summer to see another year – and to gradually grow to a point where summer isn’t a scary time.


For any and all orders this summer, thank you, thank you, thank you. If you’d like an event, dinner, or lunch catered, small or large, my schedule is open and I promise summer-time special rates! Now for an update on the container kitchen.

Interior paint complete!

My last pennies for the week jangle in my pocket as I lie upside-down under the container, silently cursing (in words I shall not share) the PVC pipes that just won’t do what I need them to do. Much like a game of chess, I move one piece only to endanger another, rescue that one to lose a third, think everything is safely in checkmate only to have a joint burst forth under pressure. One more piece, down to KaMaKris I drive. One more piece. Every clerk knows my name. This is me and plumbing. My humble advice to everyone else: hire a plumber.

What I’ve learned about electrical? Budgeting is entirely useless. However, I finally have lights (that work!), some outlets…and one day I might even get hard-wired into the main system. Not today, alas. Electricians seem most elusive and difficult beings to catch.

Roof paint!

About painting shipping containers? There’s more rust than you think, so just go ahead and use oil-based paint. Silly me. Still, the sludge-green exterior does blend beautifully with the mango and avocado trees, so at least I got something right! And the elastomeric paint on the roof seems to have sealed the problem areas pretty well for now…

Refinishing a salvaged counter and sink.

On a positive note, apart from a little final plumbing, electrical, and paint, I’m about ready to have the kitchen inspected by the powers that be, and then to get up and running more days each week! Of course the licensing process is a whole other can of worms…so far I’ve been informed (after waiting two weeks to be called) that “Nidulari” is not available locally as a tradename…and so it goes on. More updates on that situation soon – keep your fingers crossed for me that it all works out! Of course, if you have words of wisdom in regards to getting through this process on St Croix, I’m all ears.

Brioche! Delicious…making them again this week!
Mango Bourbon Jam…best thing since sliced bread.

Along with the weekly markets, next Sunday (Father’s Day) Nidulari is hosting Good Samaritan of Haiti’s Bee-Keeping Coffee Morning, raising funds for one of St Croix’s bee keepers, Toni Downs, to teach a bee keeping course in Isle A Vache, Haiti next month. The event runs 10am-1pm, $10 donation for coffee/honey basil lemonade and a giant cinnamon bun (proceeds go directly into the program), with arts, crafts, and Nidulari goodies also available for purchase. Click through for the Facebook event page. Hope to see many of you there!

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    1. Thank you! All of the jams, marmalades, chutneys, etc in jars can be safely shipped. My small ceramic sculptures can also be shipped; I will upload photos with prices this week.

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