To wander…or not.

WP_20160206_14_02_57_ProWhat is this great epidemic of wanderlust? From whence did it come? In our era of mass globalization, are we each that desperate to find something a little different, to find ourselves, apart from the portrayed homogeny of our own societies? We are taught oneness, unity, amicability…but are we taught to see ourselves, to see each other…as different? As unique. As rare and wondrous beings. As exciting, daunting, capitvating, terrifying? Is this why we seek thrills, around the globe, one place after the next? Why we keep running, running, running, thinking that the next place will have the answers? Why we so rarely stop. Stop to look within ourselves. Stop, to find the answers, in a place we never thought to look. So busy, running, running.


Wanderlust. Is it an acute disease of modern society? Of knowing too much, having too much, desiring too much? A desperation for the great unknown…only now it is all known, at our fingertips. Google. Connection. We’re surrounded by connection. Bombarded by connection every moment of every day. Every night. Rather, elusive is the disconnect. Hunt it, trap it, snare it; it escapes us, in all but the furthest–rapidly shrinking–corners of the world. Chase it. Keep chasing it. Forgetting, one day, what we were hunting for. Moving on aimlessly, tired. Exhausted. Knowing nothing else, no other way. Yearning for stillness, yet caught. Caught in our very own snares, uprooted, disconnected, with so many choices dazzling our visions of a future. So many choices. Keep running. Keep running. Perhaps fate will decide, when we each collapse, exhausted.


Perhaps that’s all the direction there is in life. Perhaps we each fall, sooner or later; perhaps some keep flying forever, with wings that will never melt in the sun. Perhaps we each learn to settle, to find a place where we can lend our experiences to society–for a while at least.

I, for one, am glad to have found my place; an unlikely choice though it may be. There are different adventures to be had, once roots have been set. It does seem a little ironic, however, to have built a vardo–an intrinsically mobile vessel, with a lengthy history of a traveling way of living–having denounced the wandering lifestyle…on a 25-mile-long island, at that!

Don’t miss the Nidulari Vardo’s “grand” opening on Sunday the 21st 2-5pm! More info on our Facebook Event page.


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