The baker, the builder…

Has the world sped up this year? Is it orbiting faster, ready to spin off into another universe entirely? I’ve no other explanation for it already being the end of January.

Mosquitoes are hounding me as I try to clatter out a blog post in the wee hours of the morning before everyone (by whom I mean the small, orphaned, very noisy chick who was delivered to me yesterday evening) wakes up.


It’s been an exciting month, both of planning and doing. While I wait for the stars to align for my shipping-container commercial kitchen to come together, I’ve been building the vardo storefront (with lots of help from Mandy!), which is coming out sickeningly cute! Also quite utilitarian, with ample headroom, counter area, and storage space.


In typical fashion, the kitchen experiments are never-ending. Mandy returned from a brief trip to the French islands with many tasty treats for inspiration and replication, including such items as Baba au Rhum and tales of such wonders as roasted-onion-filled loaves of bread…


The baba au rhum are an in-progress experiment. Great flavour the first time around, but a little overkill on the size and not quite there on the texture. Not a bad thing to have to “use up” however…


The renowned onion bread has been a great success, so much so that I’ll be making it again this week!

Before I forget, let me thank all of you who came out to our Coffee Morning for Good Samaritan of Haiti! It was a great event, and your donations go to support such important work in two communities, providing education, nutrition programs, and more. Stay tuned for more fun events in the next couple of months.

The sun has appeared over the hill in my valley home, so it is time to feed the chickens, make coffee, and move on to “real” work for the day. The early clouds are lifting, the breeze rolling in with promises of a clear, sunny day…perfect for the last coat of paint on the vardo roof.



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