Marmalade Monday

DSC_8721Sometimes, in my life, a Monday is a Sunday. That’s not to say I don’t do anything; just my time is my own, and that’s a really great feeling. After a morning rain prevented any potential roof-painting, I’ve settled into marmalade making. A handful of the half-grown chickens are wandering around “trimming” grass and de-bugging the yard, Juno has found a shady spot, and heavenly aromas of oranges and ginger are wafting from the stove. The trees, lush from a week of rain, barely stir in the light breeze, and the sky is a true Caribbean blue with light wisps of cloud drifting Northward.

DSC_8706Life is good.


Over the weekend I had the company of two sweet foster puppies, who still need a forever home! Coco and Princess are sisters, about 12 weeks old; they are wormed, have had their first shots, and will soon be spayed. They’ve been great with cats, dogs, and even the chickens (poor Coco got pecked on the nose by my rooster, lesson learned) and would do great in a home with plenty of space to run around and/or lots of walks and playtime. Juno was very patient, and ever let them play with her favourite purple squeaky ball.

DSC_8566With some weather-related down time, I’ve been working on some new products: caraway rye bread is back! As I’m now buying rye flour in bulk (50lb bag), if you need rye flour let me know and we can work out a deal. Same goes for oats. Winter is here, so it’s time for some soups! My first “soup of the week” is a Spicy Ginger Carrot soup, available this Wednesday along with your bread. I’ll plan on doing a different soup every few weeks, so be sure to check the Nidulari Facebook page for weekly menu updates. I just got in some natural cotton drawstring bags, which may be used as bread bags or as gift bags! The paper bread bags will now be hand stamped rather than having a printed label – just one more way to be green!

DSC_8571If you aren’t able to get to the Wednesday market stands, don’t forget that I’ll be at Starving Artists day at the Whim Museum on November 29th so that you can do all your holiday shopping in one place. For those of you who live afar, I can ship via Priority Mail Flat-rate boxes – the most timely and economical shipping method from here to the mainland – at your expense. Please allow at least 1 week shipping time.

See y’all on Wednesday! Cheers!

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