A Human Problem

Perhaps the following is not what you came to my blog to read, but in light of the past week’s global events I cannot bring myself to banter on light-heartedly about tasty food and trivial challenges. Entrenched in the weeks between Veterans Day – a recognition of those who have fought for the U.S. – and Thanksgiving – an immigrant’s celebration of prosperity in a new land – it seems only appropriate to wish, and hope, for a more peaceful global future.

The world seems a cruel place, and we humans a cruel species; driven by greed, power, and revenge – mindless of the tragedies procured. Are we [humans] innately incapable of peace and sharing? Or have too many people merely lost their grounding? Have people spent too long without awakening to birdsong, without standing, barefoot, in moist soil, truly feeling the earth below their feet, breathing in the gentle air around them, hearing the trees sigh? Have they forgotten that their breakfast started as tiny seedlings; fragile; so easily trampled by a soldier’s boot, yet instead nurtured to grow, nurtured by a gentle one: a farmer? Have they forgotten that they once looked up, mesmerized by the vast heavens, and felt so small, so insignificant in this vast universe?

It’s an insane state of affairs, that with so many tragedies in the world people fight over which one is getting more attention in the news. How does it end?

I have no answers, no way to help the millions of people affected by tragedy every day around the world. I can only propose finding a place of peace. That place is different for every person: for me, it’s my garden; fish drifting in the pond, plants clustered around, chickens resting in the morning sun, the very world breathing around me. Once you find that place, open your heart. To the people you know, and to the people you’ve never met: refugees, immigrants, people of different skin-tones, faiths, or customs. To people around the world who struggle to feed their children. People who’s lands and livelihoods have been taken from them. People who fear that they will never see their loved ones again. People who walk in fear each day, feeling that their country is not their own. Any one of those people could be you, so think deeply before declaring that they don’t deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect that you would ask for yourself. Think deeply before saying that they shouldn’t receive whatever aid, assistance, or welcome that a country may be able to offer them. Think deeply before pointing fingers, before implying that these unfortunate souls might be the cause of tragic events in the place they have fled to, the place in which their only hope is to build a new and safer life.

May we all find ways to open our hearts, and to not look the other way when asked for help, for mercy, and for acceptance.

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  1. I sympathies and go along with your nid post. I think you should start a new blogg. You have drifted a long way from “nidulari”. I also think you should WRITE professionally.

    love tim

    1. Thanks! However, we must all have our hobbies, and writing is one of the few I have left. The whole idea behind the Nidulari blog was that it might grow and evolve as needed, as both a business and lifestyle outlet and a creative writing outlet. That is what it is doing: without peace, no nests may be built.

  2. In my cups. Have found your recent posts both, well written and poetic in parts. You have the talent. Think about turning your talent into money.

    2015-11-15 20:25 GMT-04:00 tim thody :

    > I sympathies and go along with your nid post. I think you should start a > new blogg. > You have drifted a long way from “nidulari”. > I also think you should WRITE professionally. > > love tim >

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