A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Sunlit rock pool on the West End beach.

It’s been a rough week (or two?) with the Chikungunya, trudging through, trying to get things done. So here are some photos of random things and little accomplishments!

Garden pickings: Red okra, green okra, and several varieties of seasoning pepper.
Very first shelf up!
Shelf at night – old kerosene lamp for bathroom lighting.
Fun at the beach!
Did you get to try the special Herb Boule last week? Don’t worry, it’ll come around again.
Using the great Maslin pan to make a batch of jam. This special pot helps with even heating and circulation, meaning less stirring and faster gelling!
Special flambeed-banana jam with our homestead-grown bananas and sour oranges, and locally produced Cruzan Rum. Pretty yummy.
Plywood for the kitchen counter form.
Installing section 1.


Fitting the sink.
Lime tree seedlings!
Sometimes I get bored with bread. That’s when things like this happen. Cheesy caraway rye garlic bread, ready to be wrapped up and thrown in the coals. Try it! Just cut the bread (almost through) length-wise, then slice (almost through) along the loaf. Smear with 1/4C butter mixed with 3-4 minced garlic cloves, then open it out a little to pack in a cup or so of grated cheese. Wrap in foil, bake or roast for 15-20min. – I forgot to take an “after” photo, for it disappeared so quickly!
Flowering Red Amaranth – the leaves and seeds are both edible and are highly nutritious. Also, it grows like a weed during the winter months here.

Hope you enjoyed the photos – next week I hope to be able to brag about the pouring of my concrete kitchen counter-top! Don’t forget to order your bread for this week and next week, or stop by the Blue Mutt on Thursday evening to say Hi and grab a loaf of sourdough. We won’t be baking on the 21st, so make sure you get your fill this week!

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