photo 1
Laying the concrete floor.

photo 2It’s been a busy and fulfilling week, despite the ravenous swarms of mosquitoes and some rather soggy weather! Much progress has been made on both ceiling and floor, as we creep closer and closer to my move-in date. The ceiling just has a couple of little holes to patch in the upper part of the loft, and the floor only needs two more batches of concrete and then a few touch-ups with a grinder before it can be sealed. This week I’ll be patching the outermost edges of the roof so that it can be sealed and will no longer require a plastic sheet on top! Also on the list is building the box for the composting toilet, and measuring up for the permanent beams for the loft floor.

photo 3
Adding colourant to the floor.
Floor detail: artistic drainage channel.

I’m getting a chance to brush up my British accent, as we have a new WWOOF arrival, hailing from the homeland. Doug will hopefully be working on some mechanical designs for Mandy’s projects in Haiti, along with our operations here, and also learning to sail! He’s sure to keep busy with all that we’ve got going on. Hannah leaves us tomorrow, after a productive stay with much work on the Nid and the garden, including implementing the Hugelkultur-style vegetable beds which are so far proving to be a great success!

One of the thriving Hugelkulture vegetable beds.
Looking into the “kitchen”.
Delicious sourdough-sweetbread with homemade candied peel and marmalade, butter, and spices…sooo good. Ask nicely and I’ll let you order a loaf.

As you may have heard, our last Good Samaritan of Haiti coffee morning got rained out by island-wide flooding. However, we’re trying again, so mark your calendars for December 13th, 10am-noon! Same as last time: coffee, wood-fired cinnamon rolls, arts, crafts, and all kinds of Nidulari products. This is a great opportunity for holiday shopping whilst also supporting a very necessary charity providing a large range of educational programmes in Haiti. RSVP and share with your friends on Facebook, and don’t forget to order a loaf (or two!) of sourdough bread to pick up while you’re here!

Big bad chickens!
Inside the loft.

wpid-20141118_131942.jpgRemember, lots of Nidulari goodies are available at Cruzan Gardens Tue-Sat each week, with bread orders available for pick up Wed 4-5pm. Cheers, til next week!

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