Life and death: tail of a farm

Upgraded chick housing.
The lovely ladies, on their final day of free-ranging.

So, it’s been a bad chicken week. Zozo caught and killed one of the chicks–the rooster–on the same day that I found the big red hen wandering around dragging one leg, after being missing overnight. Nothing could be done about the rooster, beyond Zozo being shunned by society for a while. The hen is now ensconced in a large galvanized washtub inside, where she can rest (and hopefully recover) in peace and quiet. The remaining chicks have ended their free-range days, and are now in the large chicken tractor, whilst the two healthy hens are in the smaller chicken tractor; until such a time as I am able to build a more permanent coop with chicken runs or smaller tractors. Such is life on a farm, as I am quickly beginning to learn. Upsetting though such incidents are, I feel quite accomplished to not have lost my calm despite a dead chick and an injured hen to deal with; instead rounding up the remaining chicks, settling the hen, and making arrangements for the re-housing aspect.

Corn sprouts.
Mandy’s kitchen is tiled at last!

My car wouldn’t start this week. Thursday morning, trying to leave for work, it would only make stupid clicking sounds. Turns out it’s probably just the battery or the alternator, but now it’s a holiday weekend so no joy until Tuesday…maybe Wednesday. Just as well to stay home, away from the craziness of the elections!


I may or may not have had chikungunya–the nasty, mosquito bourne sickness that’s been spreading through the Caribbean–for the past week, with terrible joint and muscle pains, not making plastering and suchlike any easier. Nonetheless, I got a fair bit of progress made on the Nid, even plastering the 2nd-to-last section of the ceiling on Saturday morning with Mandy’s help. The West end is now ready to have the floor laid, whilst I have but one section of the first coat left on the roof, and another day’s worth of top-coat.

West end of the ceiling, all finished!
West floor base, ready to pour the concrete.
Bathroom wall stonework pointed up.
2 sections to go.
1 section to go! Not even the hardest one…did that yesterday.

Turns out that corn grows insanely fast, who knew? In less than a week it is over 6″ tall, so I planted it out by the Nid, along with everything else that doesn’t need to be in proper rows in the fenced garden. The Hugelkultur bed in the garden is working out well–in fact we’re about to create another row the same–with all of the plants taking off nicely, and very little watering needed. It’s height allows for extra rows of small plants up each side, hopefully making a more efficient vegetable garden, overall.

Hugelkultur-style mounded bed.
Ground Cherries, a relation of tomatillos with a sweet flavour.
Lots of seedlings.
Chinese cabbage.
Seed trays: okra.

Once more, let me remind you of our Coffee Morning, this Saturday, 10am-Noon. Cinnamon buns and Haitian coffee $10/person, also available will be Haitian arts and crafts, ceramics by Mandy Thody (and a few pieces of mine), and a full range of Nidulari products. Please RSVP on Facebook or by email, and please pre-order sourdough bread which will be ready by 11am. We look forward to seeing all of you who can make it, and will provide Tiny House construction tours if we have enough volunteers!

Nidulari granola bars are so yummy, and you can even mail them to your friends for the holidays! Always vegan and gluten free.

Til’ next week, cheers!



***To those who may think that I “whine” too much about things…you should probably stop following me. I’m committed to rendering an accurate account of my experiences, with no glossing over of the fabulous, or terrible, moments that come to pass. If you aren’t interested in the sometimes-not-so-sunny picture, well, perhaps this isn’t the blog for you. Sincerely, Nidulari.***

2 thoughts on “Life and death: tail of a farm

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  1. Wow never a full moment on the farm. Sorry about the chickens but as you said life on the farm. The Nid is really coming along its amazing what you have accomplished.

    The gardens are growing so looks like things are in an upward swing so happy for you. Hope to see you at Cruzan Gardens need to get some of your goodies. Take care stay well and hope this is a great week for you.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Diana! Hope to see you soon, I’m at Cruzan Gardens every Thursday and Friday, and will be there on Saturday the 15th working the Orchid Show.

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