January 2017

Insulated though we are here in the Virgin Islands, as a US territory, the political turmoil of the mainland has taken a toll on each and every one of us, on our friendships, on our trust in one another, and on our beliefs that the future will be better than the past; that we will all move forward, that we can all work together to help each other move forward and upward. It has been challenging to remain positive. It has been challenging to have empathy for those with whom I fundamentally disagree, with those who hold views that show no empathy for others. It has been challenging to be the “better person” and abstain from name-calling, labeling, generalizing, sensationalizing, dehumanizing, and other demeaning thoughts and actions. Sometimes, for me, this has meant holding silence.

I am so very proud of the millions of women, and men, who turned out around the country and made their voices heard through the Women’s March; who marched with love, strength, compassion, and self-control. Who proved that we are united, that we have a voice, and that we aren’t afraid to use it. Who demonstrated that we can come together to fight all injustice, be it towards women, children, people of color, LGTB people, those with disabilities, or the environment. Who demonstrated that there is not only strength in numbers, but there can also be peace.

Meanwhile, back in my quiet section of the rainforest, I’ve been keeping my peace as best I can, along with some of my sanity. Between days of cooking, feeding people, and generally keeping the business on-track, I’ve been building my tinier house. The as-yet-unnamed bow top caravan is now complete but for the final paintwork, plumbing, electrical, hanging the doors and windows, and making the screens. I know, I know, that sounds like a lot still. However, that means the carpentry is done! Check out the building stages in the photos below.

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Come check it out in person if you’re on St Croix, and remember to stop by Nidulari for freshly baked bread on Wednesdays, Saturday lunch or Sunday brunch!

If you’re pining for some curries, drop us a note – the next take-out night is scheduled for Thursday, February 2nd.

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