It’s a hot, breezy Sunday afternoon, and the power is out yet again.Were it not, I’d still be wrestling a door (and frame) into a not-quite-large-enough-opening in my beautiful…ok…ugly but serviceable…container. Instead, I get to watch the ducks grow, listen to the chickens having their afternoon gossip, and provide a comfortable napping surface for two small felines.


The week–in between baking, Art Thursday in C’sted, and catching escapee chickens–has been solely commandeered by the arrival of my 40′ shipping container: the basis of my “soon come” new kitchen. After its nerve-wracking delivery, crane and all, we jumped right in with a thorough pressure-washing inside and out, then started on the interior paint while the threat of rain passed over. By now, the interior paint is nearly finished–except for the floor–and with help from our neighbour, Ernie, the hole has been cut for the laundry-room door…leaving me with the daunting task of installing the door frame (with Jan’s patient assistance, whilst Mandy gives instruction from a safe distance, nursing a sprained ankle).

The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of painting, plumbing, electrical systems, and building a deck and steps, before all the accumulated kitchen components can be cleaned up and placed inside so I’ll be able to figure out my working space. What an exciting time!

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  1. everything looks so good! nice and level! cant wait to see the new kitchen….are u on moms property or do u have your own?????

    1. Thanks Dana! It is on our same property, yes – quite enough to take care of without getting any more! Hope you and Julien are well!

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