Hatching time!

WP_20160317_10_32_31_ProThere’s never a dull moment, here in the forest. With Mandy away in Haiti, everything decided to happen at once; tortoise hatching, the long awaited wood-removal,  and, hopefully, the impending arrival of the container in which to build my new kitchen. Between catching escapee chickens, monitoring tortoise hatching, being the crane-operator’s assistant for moving a large pile of several-tonne hunks of hardwood, and the usual baking, there’s not been much time to sit down and write! Meanwhile the garden continues to grow despite the moderately dry weather, and the island seems to become increasingly hungry for delicious wood-fired bread – so be sure to check out our full listing tomorrow, and get your orders in early!WP_20160314_12_40_56_ProChayote plants! Going to try growing these vines along the fence lines for their tasty, crunchy fruit.

WP_20160317_09_36_59_ProLast of the wood going away on the bed of the crane truck.

WP_20160319_09_59_08_ProMorning in the forest…


Hatching: day 1…


Day 2…


Day 3…


And out…!

WP_20160319_08_47_18_Pro1 day old – first meal offerings!

Be sure to stop by the Nidulari farmstand this Wednesday for Nidulari and Queen CariBEE goodies! Toni Downs of Queen CariBEE is here for market every Wednesday with delicious organic veggies (plus soaps, jams, and more), and we are doing a joint Thursday delivery to C’sted each week. If you’d like to sign up for our weekly delivery email, please send us a message through the contact form or the order form on the Produce and Products page.

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