We’re open!

Have you missed us? It’s been nice to take a couple of weeks off from baking, blogging, and the farmstand, but now it’s time to start gearing back up! I do hope that everyone was safe through our little Tropical Storm Erika – she gave me a few days off and a lecture on waterproofing the roof. Actually, rather a drip-torture experience, to be sure that I’d learned my lesson. Nonetheless, the garden was much aided by the rain, and we were fortunate not to lose any trees.

DSC_8461There’ve been some experiments going on in the kitchen, which means some new tasty things for all of you! Six cases of mango chutney might just get us all through the year, with a little help from banana ketchup and tamarind curry! We’re going to try to complete your fall barbecues by bringing out some delicious wood-baked hot dog and hamburger buns – keep your eyes peeled for them on the Nidulari farmstand in the coming weeks. Inspired by the lack of greens during summer, we’re delving into the world of sprouts. This week we’ll have some sweet, tender salad-mix sprouts available, along with a “breakfast” mix of sprouted grains. These are best eaten within 24 hours of purchase, as with any sprouts or microgreens.

At a month old, the chicks are getting rambunctious and are nearly ready to go into the main pen with the adults. Only trail and error will tell if the rooster is going to tolerate the chicks…or if he gets a “vacation” to the old chicken tractor…

Well, that’s about it for today, for I have pasta to make! Red beet-juice fettuccine with caramelized onions, ravioli with a creamy carrot filling…

DSC_8463Be sure to stop by the Nidulari farmstand this Wednesday 2:30-6:30pm!

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice couple weeks off. I ordered some bread and will p/up at the mkt. in town. Keep me posted of what goodies you will be making and maybe I can get them from Cruzan Gardens.

    How is your new doggie doing hopefully has adjusted well and you are both very happy. Take care hope to see you soon. Hugs, Diana

    1. Apologies for the delayed reply – my computer has been a little unhelpful of late! Check out our Facebook page or the produce & products page for this week’s specials. Hope to see you out here at the farmstand some day soon!

  2. We will be out that way tomorrow, so if you have eggs, we could use up to 2 dozen.
    Thanks Ed and Aya

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