Garden Tour




Baby greens mix.
Water Hyacinth.
Papaya and mango salad with arugula, kale, sesame seed, and cheddar.
Wake up!
Handsome boy – looks tastier every day.
Potato sprouts! Seeing if they will grow here, white and red varieties.
Kale and Purslane with natural leaf-mulch from the saman tree above.
Sweet root ginger near the chicken coop. Edwin’s job is to keep the deer away from it.
Solar powered “fountain” pump provides some water circulation in the pond – home to guppies, snails (no idea how they got here), and dragonfly larvae.
My mojito plant (mint).
Freshly hatched dragonfly on the baby greens.


Watercress in an old sculpture (yes, I was a ceramacist once upon a time).


Mounded herb (and kale) bed flourishing in the sun and heat.
Marigolds and arugula – soon to be thinned out.
Sir Edwin keeping watch during a supervised session with the electric fence.

DSC_7968I hope that you enjoyed the photos! Do stop by to visit and see what tasty things we have on Wednesday afternoon 2:30-6:30pm on Mahogany Road. If you can’t make it out West, feel free to order your bread and eggs through the Prime Produce website – there’s a link on our Produce page above – or stop by Cruzan Gardens on Midland Road for bread, jam, chutney, and more. Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Garden Tour

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  1. Thank you for pics they are fabulous. That Rooster is a handsome dude. Everything looks so tasty and good to eat. It is really coming along and you and the rest of us can enjoy your labors of love.

    Sir Edwin is getting big and a sweet handsome boy he is glad you are keeping him safe and away from the street.

    One if these Wed we will make the trip to see you I love your stand it is so inviting.

    Take care and thank you for all your wonderful food we are so fortunate to eat. Di

    1. Thank you for your dedication to my bread and project in general, Diana! Always hope to see you at the farmstand!

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