The drought continues. The clouds of dust scratch my throat, making it hard to breathe. An hour working outside is parching, yet inside is little cooler and just as dusty. I’m thankful to have a well, for it allows me to keep the garden somewhat alive, and to keep the pond full for the swarms of bees and other beneficial insects who would otherwise be suffering – or going elsewhere. The heat has hit early this year, with no sign of rain coming in to break this vicious cycle of summer come early – not a good sign for the upcoming mango season.

DSC_7914I’m going to keep it brief this week, for I have cement to mix (the door sill), watering to do, wood to haul, and grass to cut for the chickens. Life ambles on, with always more things to do than daylight hours in which to do them. It was exciting this week to receive the new jars (cute hexagonal ones) and labels that can fit a logo and actually adhere to the jar properly! By next week I’ll have taken some “professional” photos of the new packaging, but meanwhile I’m proud to have made a long-awaited step towards having an easily recognizable product line.DSC_7912Speaking of packaging, I’m in desperate need on egg cartons! When all else fails I go old-style and sell eggs in paper bags, but if there are egg cartons to be re-used, that’s always preferable. I can also still use clear beer bottles, and can always take compostables (see previous post for more details). Thanks for any and all efforts to reduce land-fill waste on St Croix!DSC_7902Easter is coming up, and while you’ll probably find no Cadbury’s easter eggs around here (Seriously? Yes, I’m guilty of looking for them in the stores), you can get pretty blue eggs from our roadside stand on Wednesday, along with freshly baked Hot Cross Buns! Everyone needs Hot Cross Buns! We’re also doing our Artisan Focaccia this week, don’t miss out.

‘Til next week, cheers!

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