Level 2

Orchids in a sour orange tree outside the window.

Hello, my readers far and near! Firstly, I do hope that you enjoyed Julie’s insights to life and work here on the homestead – if you didn’t catch her midweek post, scroll down and check it out. Julie continues to be a wonderful addition to our family and community, and is getting so much done!

View on the West end of the Nid, with the reed matting on the loft roof at the back.

wpid-20140908_120920.jpg      wpid-20140909_133349.jpg wpid-20140909_165346.jpg   wpid-20140908_100855.jpg    wpid-20140906_175557.jpg wpid-20140906_175537.jpg wpid-20140906_175528.jpg wpid-20140906_175454.jpgWe hit a huge milestone with the Nid this week: the walls are plastered up to about 6 feet all the way around! We’ve already built a scaffold and put reed matting up on one of the upper front sections, so come tomorrow we’ll be plastering the first upper section of wall. I’ve also started to work on the plumbing (2″ drain pipes, 3/4″ supply pipes), utilizing the trenches that Landen worked so hard on digging a month or so back. Alas, my geometry was a little off, so I’m having to do a little extra digging before the pipes can actually be installed. Best way to learn, huh?

wpid-20140913_135956.jpgThe chicks are growing before our eyes, with more feathers every day and somewhat startling powers of flight already. I dare not turn my back on their open brood box lest they all take flight and are never seen again…
They are adorable though, and fairly little trouble now that I have a well-setup brood box.

wpid-20140913_081552.jpgwpid-20140911_073347.jpgwpid-20140907_090929.jpgwpid-20140907_090917.jpgwpid-20140907_090905.jpgI write this post on the last dregs of my computer battery, as the power has been out since daybreak–making my list of things to do on my “day off” mostly irrelevant. This is the second major power cut of the week, rather a part of daily life down here yet frustrating nonetheless. Resorting to my gardening list, I planted about 20 avocado seeds–in a motley array of pots–which in a few months I will torture, as I learn the art of grafting trees. A grafted avocado tree can bear as soon as the following season, whereas one grown from seed will take around 8 years to reach maturity. I also planted some root ginger out in the agroforestry area, in the hopes that it will not only take off, but also prove less tasty to the deer who are currently chowing down on my pidgin peas, hibiscus, and sweet potato!

Scaffolding up for the upper section of wall.
Reed matting on the upper wall.

Speaking of food, this Saturday, September 20th, we are having a bake sale coffee hour in aid of Good Samaritan of Haiti, from 10am-12noon. A minimum donation of $10 will get you a delicious cup of Haitian coffee and a cinnamon roll, with proceeds going directly into the great work of the foundation. There will be a table of Haitian art, jewelry, and other goodies for sale, as well as a table of Nidulari comestibles. If you’d like to order sourdough bread to go, please use the order form as usual, bread will be ready by 12noon.

Banana ketchup, on its way to your own dinner table!

We’re also kicking off a small produce and value-added “market” at Cruzan Gardens–I will be starting it off with some Nidulari products along with gorgeous avocados on Thursday–which will provide a great mid-island shopping spot for those of you who aren’t able to get all the way out West. Cruzan Gardens is open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1, and I am there Thursdays and Fridays all day!

That’s all for this week, cheers!

2 thoughts on “Level 2

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  1. Looks like it is really coming along. You have made huge progress and have an awesome helper.

    The chicks are so cute and getting big amazing to watch .

    I would like to come to Cruzan Gardens where is it mid Island we are out of banana ketchup and can always enjoy more of your tasty items.

    Enjoy your week hope to see you soon.

    1. Hi Diana, Cruzan Gardens is on midland road at the end of the straight stretch coming west from Monbijou traffic light. Hope to see you soon!

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