Chicks in the rain

Seasoning peppers, mallibar spinach, our first sweet potato, and bokchoy greens.
The forest clearing that Landen and Miko helped to clear and plant. The hibiscus and chaya cuttings are already sprouting, sweet potato vines are taking off, cacao are still alive, and moringa seedlings are growing like weeds!
A bed of sweet potato, pidgin peas, and moringa, just behind the Nid.

The sun is finally out! This isn’t something that usually causes me to rejoice, yet this week has been so very wet that I’m glad for a chance to dry laundry, sweep and dig away the mud that has washed indoors, and collect up some wood to stack in a sheltered place. The 4+” of rain over the past week has done more good than harm though, giving the newly planted food forest up back a kick start with no effort at all from yours truly! There’s some damage control to be done: some of the avocado trees breaking from the weight of their fruit, banana plants falling over, unable to maintain a grip in the soft wet soil, and drainage that needs re-digging, so my Sunday is less relaxing than it could have been!

Front view – you can see my window mold in the Eastern end.
Rear view – just starting the bathroom wall.
End window cover roughed in.

The rain was already beginning by Monday, so plastering on the Nid was a little dicey, ending Tuesday afternoon amid a thunderstorm and absolute downpour. Some minor rain damage on one stretch of plaster, but at least none actually got washed off of the wall! Now I must wait until my driveway is dry enough to drive a fresh load of sand up the hill, after which I may commence working on the walls. If there’s no rain tonight it may be possible tomorrow..fingers crossed that I need not lose any work days.

First day!

In other news, we now have baby chicks! On Monday I suddenly acquired 6 week-old Barred Rock pullets, cute little black-and-white bundles of fluff, squeaks, and poop. One sadly didn’t make it, but the remaining 5 have nearly doubled in size and will doubtless soon be trying to escape their makeshift brooder! As soon as they are old enough to be outside they’ll get moved into my original chicken tractor, while my older hens continue to roost in the new one at night, and get to free range most of the day – until their privileges get revoked when they cause too much damage in the vegetable garden.

End of week one.



I’ll keep this week’s post short and sweet, but please note that I will be baking this Saturday to make up for last week. Please have your orders in by Friday noon at the very latest! We also have delicious avocados for sale!

China is pretending that she’s uninterested in chicks and suchlike.

Til’ next week, cheers!

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