Summer Days

Its hot as a furnace on St Croix, a heat that has been gradually building for weeks like some slow method of torture. Usually there would be rain storms coming through in the afternoons, giving some respite from the tepid air, yet so far those have been few and far between this summer. As we suffer, so does the garden, for no amount of hand watering can make up for the lack of a good soaking rain. The carambola tree has dropped its fruit, the bokchoy is wilted more each day, and even the pidgin peas have have become almost dormant in their growth.

The heat makes it challenging to maintain momentum on any of our projects, particularly the building, which has now reached the cement stage – messy, filthy, heavy work. I’m left with little energy, mental or physical, so here are some photos to amuse you!

Our captive breeding group of adult Red Footed Tortoises had their first successful hatch in a number of years. We’ll keep this little one indoors for a couple of months while her shell fully hardens and she grows enough not to be mongoose-dinner sized.
A few days before the heat and/or drought caused all the carambolas to drop.
Still flowering.
Laying hens.
The Araucana hen, who lays pretty blue eggs.
Rear structure of the Nid sleeping loft and dormer window.
Experimenting with fabric and cement.
Experimenting with making cement sinks.
Miko presenting the loft window of the Nid.

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