Cocktail du jour.

So, who’s into cocktails? Yes?

If you know me, you probably already know that I can’t resist messing around with recipes, be they for food or for beverages…particularly those of the alcoholic nature. I don’t drink that much, but when I do mix a drink it’s something interesting, unique, and above all, tasty. Last summer I had various infused liquors left over from the winter, so I messed around with them for a while, and then went on to my signature drink of the season; a beautiful blend of gin, ginger, chilli, and lime. As fall crept up I was seeking warmth in the mellow tones of whiskey and stumbled upon an amazing combination of rye, balsamic, and lime; smooth, full, and simply glorious. Now, however, mango season is upon us – and will be for the next several months – so I must figure out a good stiff mango cocktail! My first attempt (as seen above) was a last minute concoction loosely based on a “Collins”, made with fresh mango pulp, gin, lime, and simple syrup with just a hint of fresh garden mint to it. It was fine, but not what I was looking for. The mango was still too sweet, yet the lime wasn’t subtle enough…and it was much, much too thick. No slushies for me, thanks! The gin worked surprisingly well; I was concerned that rum would be too cloyingly sweet with the mango, and…ummm…I didn’t have anything else? Now that’s embarrassing. So perhaps the next attempt should be more sangria-like? Chunks of mango soaked in white rum with a little citrus thrown in…some bubbly to lighten it up? Even soda instead of wine…we’ll see! What’s your idea for a tasty mango cocktail? I’d love to mix it with something more savory to take the sweet edge off, just haven’t yet figured out what…if only I had lots of time to mix and “taste” experimental cocktail recipes…

Hopefully soon there will be passion fruit too! This one started forming after flowering a week or two ago.

Now here are some progress photos, in case you aren’t sick yet of seeing all the construction! This week’s project is an 8’x8′ roof over the bake oven, directed by Mandy. Our temporary tarp-over-hoops shelter was indeed temporary and left much room for improvement, so the new set-up is a tin roof set on four posts to shelter the oven from the elements and to provide a somewhat dry and shaded work area for when the oven is in use. It had to be fairly heat proof, due to the extreme heat emitting from the oven’s chimney vent, as well as being strong enough to (hopefully) withstand storm winds. So here goes.

Four posts set into the ground around the oven. “Damaged” lumber is 70% off at Home Depot!
Mandy built the rafters flat on the ground, after drawing a pattern on the concrete. The 2x4s were all salvaged from a timber rack on the property.
Salvaged tin for the roof.
Attaching the wall plates to the upright posts; this is what the rafters sit on.
Putting up the first rafter.
Attaching the final rafter!
Leveling everything up.
All ready for the purlins and tin bright and early tomorrow!

Now let me mention that I seem to have spent my entire week driving endlessly around the island trying to buy, borrow, or steal one thing or another, and by now I’d be pretty happy to get to stay home and work on my house! The errand running is perhaps even more exhausting than all the hard work, and far more frustrating. It’s rather amazing how many miles you can drive in a week on a less than 30mile long island…

Which brings me to, where are all your bread orders for this week? Even if you aren’t ordering anything, send me some mango recipe suggestions through the comments (public) or via email on the Contact page (private). Cheers!

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  1. I have a few mango bread recipes from my days in Hawaii… if you would like them i’ll ask Stacy to drop by or email them to you.

      1. Hi Merryn, i missed your email and John and i have been traveling a lot… i’ll ask Stacy to contact you with the Mango Bread recipe’s

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