A sad ending.

This week, I write with a heavy heart. Edwin, my dear, joyous, rambunctious “puppy” passed away earlier this week, minutes after being hit by a car on Mahogany Road. He was one of the most outgoing, loving dogs I’ve ever had the chance to know, and it seems so unfair that his life should have ended so soon – just 8 months after being rescued from the St Croix Animal Welfare Center. In his memory, please, drive a little slower, and be aware that there are often animals (and people) in the road just around the corner. Our roads are narrow with very poor visibility, and there’s nowhere that you need to get to those 2 minutes sooner at the cost of a life. I will be the first to say, he should not have been loose in the road. However, fence escapes do happen, leashes break, collars slip off – everyone who has ever had a pet or farm animal knows that these are inevitable situations; situations in which you are forced to rely on all those around you to do no harm. So drive more carefully, and give your dog an extra hug today.

May you be hunting mongoose forever more, Sir Edwin.

I do not have it in me to write the post that I was going to publish this week: a brief guide to the housing, care, and hatching of Red Footed Tortoises, specific to our climate – so keep an eye out for that post next week.

For this Wednesday’s baking, the special will be Artisan Focaccia topped with locally grown rosemary, sea salt, and olive oil for $10. There will also be Artisan Wood-Fired Bread in White, Oat, and Mixed Grain for $7. For delivery to Cruzan Gardens, please be sure to pre-order by 5pm Tuesday evening.

Should you have an excess of mangoes – green or ripe – please contact me: it has been a lean season thus far and I’m still hoping to make a few more batches of mango chutney to get everyone through to next year. I will gladly trade chutney or bread for mangoes. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “A sad ending.

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  1. Oh Merryn, tears are coming down my cheeks my heart just aches for you. He was such a great dog and so much fun and full of life. How know how much you both loved each other. I am so sorry and do hope people will slow down you live on a rock and there is no reason to be in a rush ever.

    My arms are around you in a big hug and know he is chasing mongoose and having a great time.

    Take care my friend, xoxo😘

  2. Such sad news…… the thought of it happening to any dog or animal – but the thought of it being one of the family – yours or mine – is unbearable.


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